In Loving Memory

In life you find those persons that truly influence your life and plays a big part in who you are today. Along the way I have been tremendously bless to be able to have such inspirational people in my life.

Dave Valentin

Dave Valentin has always been one of those persons I truly admire. I looked up to him, I love his musical fare and talent. While living in Germany, being in an unfamiliar place knowing no one, listening to Dave's album  "Legends" "flute Juice"and "Pie Piper"  which didn't making life seems so endless and kept me focus on achieving. At the time meeting him was only a fantasy. Never knowing what the future holds.  After finishing up my scholarship in Germany and returning to my little Island Barbados. Years later to my surprise Dave Valentine was performing at a concert in Barbados. I knew with work and all I had to go. I wouldn't miss it for the world. At the concert they were experiencing some technical difficulties, Dave needed batteries for his flute, I hurried to get the batteries  for being a flutist myself. Dave asked to meet the young man' I was excited meeting him after the concert he said to me 'thank you' Lincoln Goines who I also meet at the time said to me "since you like him so much coming by the Hotel tomorrow morning' as he give met he info. Me being now overly excited and glad to my gut instinct for going to get those batteries. I went the hotel the next morning,where I met everyone. I said to them if  i ever come to New York I would like to do a song with you guys." 11years later I came to New York and called Dave and Lincoln Goines and Robby Ameen and even invited my good friend pianist Mamiko Watanabe to record with me the song "Memories of Paradise." One of the best recording session that I have experience to date. its was as though I knew this crowd my whole life. professional down to earth.  After which he  delighted himself with cheese cake.

John Flectcher

My  Childhood choir master, teacher and mentor help me tremendously. I remember when I was about 8 years old Mr. Fletcher said to me "Miller call you are going to read music." and every Sunday Mr. Fletcher would have me flip the pages as he played the Organ. I never knew that by reading the know and moving along with him as he played the music that all that time he was teaching me.   There were two occasions that really stood out in my memory of him.  It was Christmas day I was about 10years old my clothes were all press and ready to go to church but for some reason I wasn't up to going church was about 5minutes from starting, I  was in the living room watching cartoons, all I heard was the car horn blowing and the voice of Mr. Fletcher shout "Miller, where are you lets go" my mom quickly ran in side to me saying "Ronald get dress DR. Fletcher here to take you  to church' stunned is I was I got up was went for him to drive all that way just for me with minutes to spare,meant I had to work hard to make him proud.   



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